We are dedicated to accommodating our customers and providing them with safe windshield installations and chip repairs. 

Glass Replacement: The glass we use is priced from several industry recognized glass suppliers to bring the customer quality glass at a great price. We like to use premium Sika brand urethane to create a strong bond. It is often the windshield that gets damaged, but we also replace rear and quarter glass. While safe drive away times can vary depending on several factors, many are safe to drive an hour after installation.

Windshield Repair: In a situation where there is only minor damage, and a repair to the integrity of the glass is possible, we can do a windshield repair. In a repair the technician injects a bonding agent into the damaged part of the glass to prevent further cracking and restore clarity. Looking closely, you may see some scarring. Windshield repairs take less time and are less costly than windshield replacements.

We Replaces All Types of Auto Glass Including:


*Back Glass

*Door Glass

*Quarter Glass

*Vent Glass