Some vehicles come with special features that are important to note. These features are taken into consideration when purchasing your glass and performing your installation. How these features are displayed can depend on the make and model. 

Glass Options:

Heated Windshield

    *There is usually a button on the console or dashboard. The heating element may or may not be visible. If it is visible, it may look similar to the defrost on the rear glass. Refer to your vehicle's manual with any questions. 

Lane Departure/Blind Spot Monitoring 

     * These features help the driver avoid collisions and potential problems. Evidence of these features can sometimes be found on the side view mirrors, or on the dash, or by recognizing the cameras. Refer to your vehicle's manual with any questions. 

Shade Band

     * This is a 3"-6" strip across the top of the windshield that helps to diffuse light. 

Rain Sensor

     * With rain sensors there is often a place on the windshield control that has an "A" or it says "AUTO". There is also typically a box near the rear view mirror. Refer to your vehicle's manual with any questions.

Night Vision

     * Thermal sensors on the front of the vehicle will display the image to a screen found on the dashboard or console. Refer to your vehicle's manual with any questions.  

Gathering as much information about your vehicle prior to your service will help your technician get you back on the road as quickly as possible.